Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Carnivorous plant heart

Can't fall asleep, might as well post a little sumthin' sumthin' I did the other day. I like the graphic nature (pun intended) of these studies, but I hope to paint this on some wood I got from the MassArt re-store later this week. I'm working on illustrated type that will spell out the word carnivore to accompany this image. 

I associate the word carnivore with a tyrannosaurus rex, a prowling saber tooth tiger or a vicious cave-lurking monster that tears flesh from human bones strip by strip. The idea of delicate and spindly carnivorous plants counters my mental image of what a carnivore is. I incorporated different types of plants that derive nutrients from animals like pitcher plants, the sundew and venus fly traps in this piece. In my mind though, carnivore does more than describe the feeding nature of some organisms; it describes a way of being. Ever met one of those people who would sell out their own grandmother to get ahead? Being carnivorous is the destruction or consumption without consciousness. Metaphorically, I couldn't think of any symbol besides the human heart that fit carnivore better..

..or maybe I just wanted to draw leafy, bark organs.....

Color Study #2 

Color Study #1

I'm a leaning toward basing the final on color study #2. The painting will probably be less graphic, I'm looking forward to it. Adding color in photoshop sure is fun though.

Original sketch
I'm tired now.. 8 a.m. studio class. WOOOOOOOO ART!